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Appointments are held at the Fremantle Clinic (Opposite Notre Dame University)

You will be able to:

✔  Enjoy alcohol without a cigarette

  Enjoy tea or coffee without a cigarette

✔  Quit without gaining weight

  Sit outside without a cigarette

✔  Catch up with old friends who still smoke

✔  Save thousands of dollars every year

Use the chat with us! button to ask any questions you have. It may time some time to get a response if another quit smoking session is currently underway. Please check back to this screen later for a reply.

Who does this session work well for?

✔  FIFO and Offshore workers

  Anyone diagnosed with COPD

✔  Anyone unsuccessful with patches

  Anyone unsuccessful with quit medications

✔  Anyone who doesn't like smoking anymore

✔  You, if your friends have already quit, you're the last one left smoking!

The appointment duration is 60 minutes. You can easily cancel or reschedule your appointment via the automated confirmation email for a full refund.

The sale ends on May 31st!

FREE Access To Ongoing Support

Unlimited free messages

You'll be renewing the commitment be a non-smoker every day, and I'll be providing text based support to help you along the way. Check in for feedback or advice when you encounter challenges.

Ongoing video support

I'll continue to be with you as you progress along your journey. Your ongoing success will be guided by expert advice and ongoing support. Feel more confident when you have the right support at the right time.

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